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Reiner Heidorn was born during 1966 in Bavaria. He lives near Münich and exhibits internationally in France, Germany, Austria, USA, Dubai, and Brazil. His work is represented by Bill Lowe Gallery. 

His large scale oil paintings engage in discussions about climate change by engulfing the viewer in exquisite details and botanic forms in relationships between resolutions in nature and digital technology. Transferring the pointillism of microscope images of plants and freshwater lifeforms, a glow forms from within his modern expressionist canvases. He continues a botanic style and uses otherwise undesirable mistakes like bubbles, glossy surfaces, craters in colour to form a series of narratives about the transitions of cells and neurons.

Wishing to convey the idea of disappearance, or dissolution Heidorn worked with every possibly wrong oil painting technique to experience a borderless space, establishing the mistakes into his personal technique. The dissolving of the self into the visual field transforms the viewing experience into an accession of the surrounding forces in life represented in the final works.

His recent exhibition “A Gentle Return into Life” at Gallery 88 conveys the ideas of horizons, trees and grass, as a coming back to earth with the hope for a change. View Reiner’s process in his studio in Germany:


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