Mudi Hachim was born 1985 in Baghdad, Iraq where he received a Diploma of Fine Arts, 2005 – 2010. Hachim participated in several exhibitions and artistic events and during his stay at the Cite des arts in Paris, 2015 – 2016. He now lives near Normandy, France.

Hachim’s works with stone, clay, water, sound, and Sumerian language. These materials have a primordial relationship to physical senses. Hachim’s work on the ways humans, trauma, and healing can occur through artistic actions was exposed in 2020 during the exhibition: 

“Global Silence” installation with FE|W Wattwiller, in Alsace, France. Reflecting on the journals and memories of the war in 1914 -1918, Mudi describes through the installation, the moment when time stops, every place in the spanse where time pauses, we all humanity shares a feelings before an explosion when there is no sound; this is the Global Silence.

Hachim sites sound as the ways to both keep memories of what happened alive, and to transform those waves to create peace. 


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