Forming and Pouring into Being

Marcela Gottardo’s artwork is formed from thinking about negative and background spaces, and the ways these spaces hold and contain the physical experiences of existence. Ephemerality and transformation come through her deliberate processes with materials. Her work and life have always followed meditations on the nature of existence, creating a symbiotic relationship to non-linear narratives.

Gottardo spent her formative years in Brazil, and lived in Los Angeles, California, while earning a Master of Fine Arts in 2014, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting in 2012, at Otis College of Art and Design. She currently resides and works in Pistoia, Italy.

Drawing from quotidian objects in both man-made and organic matter, Gottardo’s interest in how time is experienced is transformed through an introspective process of translating thought and ideas through actions. She works with specific details and qualities in plaster, pigments, paints, resin, and wax. Pouring, stratifying, imprinting, tearing, pulling, and building are performed to make sculptural results, or records of the ways cognition imprints an inverse in physical form. Much like a photograph imprints a negative, her works emphasise this dialectic space of primal matter and form, recognisable in daily life.

Her gesture-findings are collected, as records, and then structured with geometries, using frames and spatial relationships to compose installations. Gottardo’s installations are physical and spacial compositions with an open, improvised feeling. This playfulness engages the wit of the architecture in the exhibition spaces, inviting viewers to recognise the relationship between the totality of their being in concert with the forms; the results engaging in the delight of discovery.


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