Pigments, Shadows, and Distances

Flavia Monteiro was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She lives and works in the Coachella Valley desert in California (USA). She explores altered perceptions and cognitive expectations by continually reworking ideas about containment until the structures of pigments and forms arrive at a visual transformation where the subject contains layers of smart and aesthetic poetries.

Monteiro’s adaptations to new living environments have led to embracing contrasts. The underlying themes of the void and the range of limits in perception in both physical and psychological realms are always present in the mediums she works in, including painting, cyanotype, and mixed-media works for installation.

Flavia has exhibited her work in California at Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Palm Springs Art Museum, Vincent Price Museum, The Bolsky Gallery, Los Angeles International Airport, and has created public artworks for the cities of Malibu and Glendale. Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries in Rio de Janeiro and at the Ibero-American Art Salon at the Mexican Cultural Institute (Washington, DC).

Flavia earned an MFA from Otis College of Art and Design in 2013, and BA degrees in Art Education and Social Communication. She completed postgraduate studies in Art Therapy.

Before moving to the USS in 2003, she worked as an Art Educator and developed art education programs at Colégio Pedro II, the Brazilian Federal model school in Rio.


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