Art Garde is a non-profit site for art and artist resources.

Artists often face the unknown throughout their work, then come out of the studio into the world of business, taxes, and laws. Art Garde serves artists in practical ways from bringing their work into the world through new, critical discourses and the economics of working as a professional. 

The Conversations take on values and aesthetics from a place of integrity and role of art in contemporary societies. The formats include writing, podcasts, studio visits.

The Reviews publish an open forum of public and peer writing, critical thought, and feedback on artist experiences.

The Opportunities assist artists in a different way. Instead of large open calls, the opportunities area aims to put the artists in direct contact with the ideas, places, and people that can be a meaningful use of their time and resources.

The Support section requires a great deal of building up and institutional cooperation. The goal in the support section is for Art Garde to team up with institutions and professionals in law, accounting, and economics to assist artists in the business responsibilities of professional work as an artist. Artist and artist teams are to be given support.